Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crazy, Stupid

I’d like to talk about a trend that really bothers me, I call it ‘voting stupidity.’ It’s where you go out and vote for the crazy guy because well you are stupid. Now this defect has never stopped you from making smarter choices before, especially when it concerns your well-being. For example when you went to the doctor because you found that lump under your arm, and he told you to see a specialist, you didn’t go to the doctor whose credentials came from the Haiti Society of Voodoo practices did you? You didn’t seek out the guy who believes any disease can be cured with a little spit and some prayer? No you found a real doctor who studied real medicine to treat your real disease.

And so I wondered why is it that we can set aside stupid for just a moment when we are so concerned by one thing, but unable to do so when it comes to another, like elections. If people could just set aside stupid for that, the Republican Party could never win an election, and Tea Party members especially would be laughed away into obscurity. But this isn’t happening. More and more crazy keeps turning up trying to win elections, and the stupid keep showing up to vote for them. Sure they tell you it’s about personal freedom, and less government, but they leave out the part where less government applies to everyone across the board, including those that need it.

Less government to them means no EPA, FDA, or FEMA. And personal freedom means guns anytime, anywhere. So if you enjoy the idea of breathing, and not getting shit in your food, or disaster relief you might consider not voting for crazy. If you think bringing fully loaded assault rifles in the local Wendy’s to scare the kids isn’t a good thing, you might consider not voting for crazy, because voting for crazy just makes you stupid.

Recently Pew Polling polled Americans about their willingness to vote for a president who was also an atheist, and 53% said they were unwilling to do this, they even said they considered atheists to be untrustworthy. So let’s get this straight, you are willing to elect people who believe the Earth is 6,000 years old despite zero evidence to this assertion, and facts that indicate to the contrary. You are willing to elect people who refer to the fact of global climate change as nothing more than a hoax, the words: “The jury’s still out,” and “I’m not a scientist,” despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. You are willing to elect people who refer to homosexuals as sinners, but philanderers as forgivable. You are willing to elect racist, bigot, sociopaths, but atheists, “No way, never!”

It’s concerning to know that we live in a country whose elected officials must consult their bibles and religious leaders on matters of policy over common sense, it’s this deleterious condition that makes them crazy and you stupid. Because again why is it when you are concerned about personal well-being you seek professional help, but on matters of policy which are as imperative to your well-being, you fail to seek out a professional. Might I suggest that on matters of climate change, we elect someone who has actually studied it? Maybe someone with a degree in climatology?  On matters of abortion, maybe someone with a degree in obstetrics?  Or is it too much to ask that those we elect have a degree in something other than business?

Maybe we should consider for a moment that the opinion of individuals with something to gain by empowering corporate lobbyists are really not the best people to get our wisdom on things concerning policy? Because maybe that coal, oil, and natural gas that is clogging our lungs, heating our planet, and contaminating our drinking supply are important issues that need decisions that should not be left up to the people responsible for pollution in the first place?

So next time you consider voting for crazy, consider for a moment that unless you are rich, white, and male, you are not serving yourself by voting this way. And I know you are stupid, and stupid votes for crazy, but imagine for a moment you have some common sense and consider for a moment all the things you like about government: Highways, disaster relief, police and fire support, social security, public schools, examination of your food, clean water, clean air, food assistance, housing assistance, unemployment benefits, etc. Now maybe you have never benefited from some of these, but certainly we have all been on highways, were glad we didn’t find roaches in our food, or… LIKE BREATHING, and DRINKING CLEAN WATER.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that when you vote for someone with an agenda; that your vote isn’t supporting them, its supporting whomever donated the most to their campaign, so unless you own a billion dollar corporation, whatever is important to you may not truly be important to them, and that feeling of accomplishment is merely ephemeral at best. Because at the end of the day corporations do not care about clean air, and clean water; there is no profit in “caring,” at least when it comes to those things. Because if they care about anything, it’s that they care that you will vote stupid.

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