Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Xbox One and PS4, New Consoles, Old Ideas

Tuesday, Microsoft revealed their new console to the public called the Xbox One. Although they did not give an official release date they did clue us all into some of it’s features, and in more than a few ways gamers are getting fucked.

When Microsoft released it’s first Xbox back in 2001, they wanted to compete with Sony’s Playstation 2, but gamers found that the Xbox was more of a problem than they had bargained for. For one, it was buggy as hell. Much like most Microsoft software of the day, the OS that ran on the Xbox first generation was prone to game freezes and the occasional kernel panic. Many modder’s who have examined the APIs noted their similarity to Windows 2000, and it was believed Microsoft had modified the OS to create a version just for the XBox.

Although the Xbox was a moderate success, the XBox 360 released in 2005 was a bona fide hit. Over the past eight years it has dominated the gaming console market, but with the announcement of Sony’s PS4, gamers wondered if Microsoft would be able to repeat their success with the XBox competing against the proposed PS4. Gamers wouldn’t have to wait very long, Microsoft immediately announced they were developing a new generation of XBox, and rumors aside today’s reveal tells us a lot about the direction Microsoft is heading in, and for the gamer—it’s a downward spiral.

Monday, May 13, 2013

30 Years in Review: My Experience With The History of Violence in Video Games

For as long as I can remember playing video games, there has always been violence, whether it be inconsequential or direct, or merely abstract. In this article I will attempt to list some of the games I have played in my lifetime which I consider to be violent and explain the difference between mild or gratuitous violence, as well as attempt to get to the real issues in violence, specifically in video games and movies and the relation between what we see on our screens and what we see in real life.

Not that I ever hold back when I write anything, but this will contain many references to violent video games, movies, and other media, as well as depictions through video and images, so you are warned!

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