Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Microsoft Skydrive: Bait and Switch By Policy? What You Need To Know, pt. 1

So recently I began unifying stuff between machines, as my health deteriorates and I need to spend more time laying in bed. This allows me to still try to get some work done on the computer while I’m in bed. One of the things I’ve been using are cloud storage accounts like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Skydrive.

These online storage accounts are great because they provide a quick way to sync documents between computers without having to map drives or worry about network connections. You drag and drop, and you are ready to go, not to mention the data is stored in a secure, safe location you know will be there, in case anything happens to the computer.

So as I was saying, recently I was trying to unify my documents between my computers so I could use them anywhere, and I wanted to use Skydrive. Skydrive until recently has been rather useless, being only something that can be used while online, through the Microsoft live website interface. Before this I had been using Dropbox, and Google Drive which both offered integration into Windows, something Skydrive was lacking.

So I started uploading my documents to the Skydrive, all 1GB of them, when I realized it had been a while and I wanted to make sure my Microsoft account info was accurate. So I logged into my live account and proceeded to the Skydrive interface only to find something odd. My 25GB of free cloud storage was no longer 25GB, but it was now 7GB instead. This seemed really strange. I looked through the interface, and could find nothing about it. I looked through my email, and again nothing. I clicked through the upgrade options, and only found pay options to get something close to the 25GB.

I decided to email Microsoft, and this began an interesting thread of conversation. You won’t believe what they told me…

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