Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thank you Kraft, A Corporation to be Proud of, for once.

In a truly brave and amazing statement Monday, Kraft maker of Oreo cookies posted a picture to their Facebook depicting an Oreo cookie stacked with the colors of the rainbow, the caption underneath reading:  June 25 | Pride.

Almost immediately the picture sparked a controversy, with comments in the thousands. Although most were positive, many of the religious right left comments talking of a boycott. I myself found it a wonderful statement by a corporation for once. I’m so used to seeing and hearing utter nonsense from the corporate world that to hear anything positive like this makes me think maybe it’s not too late after all. Maybe some corporations are worth a little redemption, and even if this is purely a PR stunt, it’s a good one and worthy of our support. For too long have the corporate world stood silent, with very few companies coming out in support of anything unpopular. Let’s face it folks, whether it’s right or wrong, unpopular things tend to leave certain people and companies as pariahs for making bold statements like this one in the past. Companies tend to stay out of this kind of thing because of that, and its high time we ask them to do a little more. Only when everyone who stands for civil rights, including the corporations, stands up against religious persecution from the right, can we as citizens truly live free.

How can any of us be happy with freedom for some, and not for others? The 14th amendment of our U.S. Constitution protects all of us from inequality. It’s time we started fighting states that take the rights away from a group of citizens in defiance of our Constitution, and send them a message that we will not stand idly by. Freedom for some and not others isn’t truly freedom; its democratic tyranny and no one should stand for it, especially anyone who believes in American values, the Constitution, and “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Ask yourselves what our founders would think if they were alive to see our Constitution being trampled on. What about that pesky little document called the Declaration of Independence? “…all men are created equal,” …born with certain inalienable rights.” These are not merely pieces of paper; they are a code for which we should all live by.

I, for one, will continue to enjoy my Oreo addiction.

I feel I have to mention that not content with the post being buried in Oreo’s timeline forever, today Kraft highlighted the post effectively knocking right back to the top, reiterating their position and standing up to the talks of boycott. Good for you Kraft, not allowing public opinion of the religious right to sway your position, and doing the right thing.

And for all those little religious assholes on Facebook talking about boycotting anything to do with homosexuality, meet Alan Turing:

Not only was he a mathematician, and early computer scientist, but as a Cryptanalyst, he is responsible for cracking the German enigma code in WWII, helping to result in an allied victory. He is considered to be the father of all modern computer technology. He was also a homosexual.

So feel free to boycott all modern technology. That means no cell phones, no computers, no Internet, and definitely no Facebook. So, have fun you bigot assholes, communicating over cans connected with strings, and posting your bigot comments in the daily newspapers. Facebook will certainly live without you, oh yeah and Facebook that tool you are using to spread your hate-filled speech, yeah they support Gay rights as well, oh the irony.

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