Friday, March 9, 2012

FBI Director Compares Hacker Group Anonymous to 9/11 Terrorists

Well, it was only a matter of time. In 2001, as a response to the attacks on 9/11, your Congress wrote into law a piece of legislation that would be used to slowly erode the rights secured to you under the United States Constitution, called the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (US PATRIOT ACT). In 2002, they further strengthened their strangle hold on its citizens by passing the Homeland Security Act, forming a Government establishment of control of all parts of law enforcement under one single organization, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This law created under the guise of national security, allows the DHS to enforce upon american citizens oppression like never before. Ordinary citizens can have their freedoms, secured by the US Constitution, summarily violated without probable cause and without a warrant. The Patriot Act allows the US Government to search and seize Americans' papers and effects without probable cause to assist in a terror investigation, a direct violation of the IV Amendment of the US Constitution. It further allows the Government to jail Americans indefinitely without a trial, another direct violation of the US Constitution, Amendment VI. The list goes on and on, but maybe the worst offense is the right of your Government to silence free speech. That's right contained within the Patriot Act is a provision that allows the Government to prosecute librarians or keepers of any other records if they tell anyone the Government subpoenaed information related to a terror investigation. This is in direct violation of Amendment I of the US Constitution, maybe the most important freedom we have, the right to speak freely and openly without Government intrusion or censorship.

Under these laws anyone can be accused of being a terrorist, thus having their rights taken away without cause, without trial, and without proper authority to do so. Accuse someone of being a terrorist and that is considered worse than being a murderer, a rapist, or a child molester. After all, even murderers, rapists, and child molesters get their day in court. When the Patriot Act was first established it was widely condemned by attorneys and law professors all over the US. Many believed, and rightly so, that this law would be used to usurp justice and establish a tyranny by which our Government could take away the rights of anyone who might actually want, and fight for their freedoms. Accuse Joe Schmo of being a terrorist and he is locked in a jail cell, never to be seen or heard from again.

So it should be no surprise then, that just about any crime can be linked to terrorism these days. Anyone the Government doesn't want made a public spectacle of, can be accused of terrorism and carted away. And that leads me to the point of this post. Recently you may have heard, that in the middle of the night, under total secrecy, our Government arrested twenty-five alleged members of the hacker group Anonymous. With the apparent help of a top ranking member of the group, working as an informant, the FBI arrested these individuals and carted them off to jail.

FBI Director Robert Mueller, said in a statement that "Cyber attacks will soon become one of the biggest threats to America’s safety, possibly surpassing the threat level posed by terrorism."

And there you have it, he has officially stated that modifying a computer's code, and stealing that code, is equivalent to the worst crime ever committed on US soil. The murder of nearly 3000 of it's citizens is evenly comparable with identity theft, bank fraud, or copyright infringement.

Mueller also stated, "In the not too distant future we anticipate that the cyber threat will pose the number one threat to our country."

Really? The Number One threat? You mean, hacking a computer is worse than Cancer, AIDS, Obesity, Heart Disease, Murder, Rape, Child Molestation, Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Slavery, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical Weapons and Bombs, Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections, Gamma Ray BurstsSupernovae, and Black holes.

He then added, "We need to take lessons learned from terrorism and apply them to cybercrime."

What he means is, we need to lock these criminals up in a 5x9 ft. cell with no contact with the world, disallowing them access to a lawyer, or even letting their family know if they are dead or alive.

"…we confront hacktivists, organized criminal syndicates, hostile foreign nations that seek our state secrets and our trade secrets, and mercenaries willing to hack for the right price,” he said.

So anyone who doesn't agree with the views of US Government is labeled a terrorist.

He actually then goes on to ask corporations to do their part by working together with the Government in matters of cyber security, saying, "We must work together to safeguard our property, to safeguard our ideas and safeguard our innovation."

And there you have it folks, the crux of the case. It's all about business, nothing more, nothing less. In fact, this statement sounds very familiar, like it came right out of the playbook of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) or Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It's these acts of Facism, that lead us on the slippery slope to a new form of Government called the Corporatocracy. I surmise this may have been the intention of the Patriot Act all along, rumors and conspiracy theories aside, terrorism is big business in this country. Billions are spent on technology, weapons, and man power all in the name of national security. Corporations are getting richer, and the citizens fronting the bills, are getting poorer.

In a post to twitter, the hacker group Anonymous inquired, “So according to the FBI's new logic, hacking a company is WORSE than an event like 9/11, which resulted in 1000s of deaths? #FearMongering,”

In the not too distant future I anticipate that the number one threat to our country is not cybercrime, but rather an inflated, antiquated, tyrannical Government run by and for corporations with the interests of its citizens pushed aside in favor of laws protecting a greedy, immoral and evil corporate authority.

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