Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why I Think Women Make Better Song Writers

I find myself listening to a lot of music and very often my musical taste seems to lean more toward the female singer-songwriters. It had never really occurred to me why, so I started to really think about it for a while.

Music is designed to connect to us on an emotional level, it tends to make us feel things we rarely experience or maybe experience too much. It invokes in us emotions we often don't feel or choose to ignore. Music becomes very personal to each one of us, a song meaning one thing to one person and something different to another. And naturally this is the domain of women, not to say that men are emotionless, far from it.

We all share the same emotions, but social norms accept an emotional female while a male showing emotion is considered contemptuous. Men and Women accept that women are emotional creatures, sometimes crying on a whim at the sight of a new born baby, newlywed bride, or the death of a fictional character in a movie. Women are comfortable with themselves and with their emotions, something most men are not.

Women have always made better poets because of this, and because they experience senses we as men cannot and never will. The experience of pregnancy and childbirth is something which gives women a perspective that no man will ever truly have. To feel life itself growing from nothing to something within yourself, to bring into the world a new child. It is in this domain that men are completely senseless. Nothing we can imagine could ever truly contend with the truth.

Through childbirth women truly learn to be selfless, not only through the act of carrying the child to its birth, but rearing it as well. This sacrifice allows her to know true love, the love only a mother can feel for her child. This is a bond that will never be broken. The cries of her child illicit not sympathy, but empathy, truly different from what a man might feel in the same situation.

But what of women who don't have children or have never experienced childbirth? We take on the roles we are programmed for. If history has shown us anything, men have generally been the ones to go out and start wars while women stayed home with the children. Now that's not to say that women are incapable of performing tasks as well as any man, in fact it says something even better, that women are capable of performing tasks men cannot. In this way women are truly superior to men, the argument being that while men and women can both destroy a life, only women can create one.

It is this biological programming that makes women natural caregivers. The idea that DNA has something to do with how we treat others may seem reaching but consider the idea that in our simplest form we are all just chemicals and energy commingling. So doesn't it make sense that such things might be programmed? Obviously humans are quite different in the world in terms of brain power, as compared to something like a insect or a rodent, but we are all made up of the same things and from insects and birds to fish and cats and and beyond, females are generally the caregivers.

Of course there are exceptions in nature to the rule, where evolution has determined this, leading even more toward it being programming since it can be clearly programmatically changed as needed. If you don't believe it, ask yourself who you are more likely to let watch your children, a man or a woman? Who are you more likely to get in a fight with? Who are you more likely to get a hug from? I'm not making these gender roles up, we just all seem to accept the roles we are given and seem to fit into.

Poetry is defined as literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. It seems to me since women are better at expressing their emotions it makes sense that it makes them better poets and what is music than poetry set to a melody.

When I listen to music, it invokes in me all those emotions that are socially repressed, the music touches my soul, metaphorically speaking of course. As a man I feel lots, but rarely do I express it. Though being a woman must truly be a difficult task, it must also be very rewarding. Women live as examples of what we all should be, how we should act and how we should feel, and truly how we express ourselves and how we treat each other.

Below I've included just a list of some of the female singer-songwriters that I like to listen to:

Sheryl Crow
Linda Perry
Alanis Morissette
Avril Lavigne
Sarah McLachlan
Amy Lee
Tori Amos
Edie Brickell
Stevie Nicks
Fiona Apple
Beth Nielsen Chapman
Debbie Harry
Norah Jones
Lisa Loeb
Dolly Parton
Diane Warren

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